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Metamemory Questionnaire

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Metamemory Questionnaire.  Answer in 1 or 2 phrases or sentences.  Then cut and paste onto your Personal Page.


1.  When you read or watch or listen in or for class, do you have a plan for remembering?


2.  What kind of plan do you make?  Is it different for watching and reading and listening?


3.  Do you test your plan by trying to remember after the "instruction" is over?


4.  As you are viewing or reading or listening are you monitoring whether the information/ideas make sense?


5.  What do you do if the ideas don't make sense?


6.  What's a good way you use to evaluate what you remember?


7.  What kinds of things are you best at remember?


8.  How is your long term memory?  Why do you think it is (good, bad, ok)?


9.  How is your short term memory?  Why do you think it is (good, bad, ok)?


10.  How is your working memory:  the memory you use while you are doing a mental task?  Is is good, bad, or ok? 


11.  Do you think it is possible to change how your memory works?


12.  Have you ever tried to change how your memory works?


 Memory Manager

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