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S.P.O.K.E.S.  Reading Comprehension Rubric                                                                                                                                  FT, June, 18, 2009 (Work in Progress)

Evaluate By:                                        Date:                                                Based on Data from:

Level of Skill

Independent Mastery

Initial Mastery


On the road to success


*Has a repertoire of at least 6 S-m strategies

*used consistently without prompting

*on grade level material or intellectually challenging material

*Considers S-m learning a work in progress

*Has a repertoire of at least 3 S-m strategies

*used consistently with prompting

*on grade level short reading materials

*Is able to describe some S-m strategies

*uses at least 2 strategies consistently with prompting

*on below grade level short reading selections

*Recognizes need for S-m and can follow one teacher  directed strategy


*with controlled reading material


*Integrates author’s, teacher’s and own purpose for reading.

*Keeps track of purpose throughout

*grade appropriate selections, controlled for length.

*Using effective strategy independently

*Has own purpose for reading but also recognizes the author’s purpose

*Keeps track of both reader and author’s purpose throughout

*short, grade appropriate  text

*Recognizes the need for having a purpose for reading and keeps track of the purpose

*with prompting or cuing.

*on short, grade appropriate reading material.

*Recognizes the need for having a purpose for reading


*Uses recognize of text structure to read with deep understanding

*of grade level materials

*Using effective strategy independently

*Can recognize both whole text and paragraph/section structure (for 8 major types)

*in  controlled text

*Understand the concept of text structure at the whole text level

* can recognize the 8 major types

*in controlled texts

*Understands the concept of text structure and can choose between two types.

Knowledge Building

*Can produce a concept map for a reading selection (form may vary)

*and use that to summarize

*grade appropriate text

*using effective strategy independently

*Using P and O

*can identify, define and relate the most important vocabulary in a text

*with cuing

*Can find and define most important words/concepts

*with prompting or cuing

*Can begin to articulate the relationship among those important words.

*Recognizes that needs to identify and define (get meaning of most important words in text)


*Can make elaborations

* in response to a controlled text

*using effective strategy independently

WIP:  Needs to continue to develop skill in this more complex task

*Recognizes a few examples of elaboration

*in at least one subject area text: science, history, or math.

*at grade level with cuing

*Recognizes examples of a few types of elaboration

* in conversation

*with teacher support

*Has a concept of “Elaboration” in conversation.

Stop and Record

Independently uses effective strategies

*for stopping to record important concepts and ideas

*in grade level texts

*Then  writing a paragraph summary

*Can stop and record


*in longer, controlled text

*without prompting/cuing.

*and write a 2-3 sentence summary

*Can stop and record words/phrases/symbols

*in a short, controlled text

*without prompting

*Knows that the constraints of memory require regularly stopping to

*records words or phrases

*in controlled text with cuing

Integration of 6 Tasks

*Uses effective strategies for all 6 tasks in the same reading

*in grade/ability level text

*without teacher prompting


*Uses effective strategies for 3-4 tasks in the same reading

*in grade/ability level text

*with minimal teacher support

*Uses effective strategies for 2-3 tasks in the same reading

*in controlled text

*with teacher support

*Uses effective strategies for two tasks (S-m and P or P and Sr, for example)

*in controlled text

*with teacher support

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