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Self-Management Handout

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Learning About Self-Management (pp 19-20)

Twelve  suggestions for building a Self-Management Knowledge Base:

*Discuss what effective readers do.

*Discuss what you already do in class that reflects self-management.

(Guidelines, checklists, conferencing, drafts/revisions, feedback)

*Discuss what makes a text easy or hard.

*Teacher models with think-alouds how s/he approaches a text strategically.

*Teacher explains how the purpose or goal of reading can make the task easier or harder.

*Teacher explains a system for coding reading breakdowns.  Has students experiment with and evaluate different systems.

*Teacher administers a metacognitive questionnaire or interview to one student.  Has students partner to administer the questionnaire.

*Teacher helps students develop and use a Planning sheet to guide and evaluate their comprehension.

*Teacher periodically has students “re-inspect” an already read text, looking at different SPOKES tasks.

*Teacher shows how to help students use self-questioning during reading to assess ongoing comprehension.

*Teacher helps students to understand the cognitive processes used during reading—attention, working memory, long term memory, retrieval, higher order thinking, representation, expectation )

*Strategy use in sports and post-game analysis by coach and team.


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